• Speech and language therapists work with pupils to improve their communication and interaction skills. This may involve difficulties with understanding or using vocabulary correctly, paying attention and processing language successfully or social communication skills such as maintaining friendships.
  • The better our pupils’ language skills become, the more they are able to process and interact with the world around them.
  • SaLT is embedded into everything that we do at Wandle Valley Academy. The speech and language therapists take some pupils for targeted sessions in the allocated SaLT space and offer support in class for pupils and staff.
  • Progress is regularly monitored and targets are updated accordingly.
  • Our speech and language therapists also support other professionals working with specific pupils in understanding their communication strengths and needs.
  • Trained speech and language therapy assistants (SaLTAs) work with pupils on their targets when the therapists are not in school to maintain regular engagement. 
Music Mark School for the 2020/21 Academic Year