In the Art department at Wandle Valley we use a diverse range of materials to create amazing artwork. We like to tailor our programs to focus on individuals passions. Our students are guided by the curriculum and staff to produce aesthetically pleasing art.

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In drama we play a lot of games. Aside from having fun, we also put these games into a context, exploring WHY we play games and WHAT makes the game dramatically interesting to an audience. Why is it significant to the story or relevant to the character? The building blocks of drama, learning the rules of the game, putting the game into context, re-interpreting the game with new character thoughts and intentions helps us to practice real-life situations, explore moments in history, develop empathy with others and increase confidence as we practice communication skills.

We also have fun with masks, weapons, costumes and over-sized props.

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What we do in English? 

Help every student progress in English through a variety of interesting and exciting topics.

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Food Studies

Food Education is compulsory for KS1 to KS3 and now includes nutrition.

During the course of the school year we cover hygiene, cooking, cultures, budgeting and nutrition.

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Sheryl Smith (Teacher)

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ICT and Computing

  • To stimulate interest and enjoyment in the study of ICT and Computing.
  • To ensure that all students have a broad and balanced ICT and Computing curriculum.
  • To ensure that all students have a programme which progresses from Year 7 to Year 11


At KS3 students follow the new Computing/ICT curriculum. Throughout the course, students will learn the essential elements of ICT that we all need to be able to use in our everyday lives. They will also be introduced to the key underlying concepts of computing such as algorithms.


All students take GCSE entry level in ICT and Business Studies in year 10. They then progress to Cambridge National Level 2 in ICT, which is equivalent to one GCSE at A*, A, B or C.

Grace Ajifoh ICT Coordinator/Teacher

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When every student joins the school, they are quickly assessed for their reading level. This enables the Literacy department to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and to set Literacy targets for use in all curriculum areas. Some students then receive additional one-to-one reading support, to ensure that they make age appropriate progress. The school currently uses the Read Write Inc. reading scheme, details of which can be found at In whole-class Literacy lessons, students cover a range of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar units, in addition to independent reading and can achieve AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates for their work. 

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Support videos for parents on how to help with their child's literacy

Literacy Planet

Literacy games for students

More advanced literacy games for students 

General guidance on reading/activities for parents/students



All students attending Wandle Valley Academy will be entered for GCSE mathematics. Pupils will develop the ability to solve problems and to appreciate the relevance of mathematics and how it underpins knowledge of the physical world. This will be achieved through a variety of stimulating approaches, fitness challenges, budgeting for housing, clothing, food, students are encouraged to think how maths can help in everyday life.

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In the Wooden Spoon music room students learn the fundamentals of music from theory to instrument tuition to performance. Students also get the opportunity to record their own ideas and performances in our very own recording studio. We do have some young aspiring artists DJ's and producers who really enjoy using these facilities.

Our students have taken part in music workshops. Some favourites included the Djembe (African drum) workshop with the Gary Mason foundation and Beat box workshops with UK Beat box Champion MC Zani. The Tuesday lunchtime music club is now in it's third year and continuing to grow. This Easter, all primary students made their own egg shakers.

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Religious Education

At Wandle Valley, we recognise that RE subject matter gives particular opportunities to promote an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and build understanding of other cultures and beliefs. This contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive school ethos that champions democratic values and human rights. For more information, please click here.


Pupils have decorated the laboratory in a modern graffiti style with biology, physics and chemistry themes.

Manufacturing science is a key area in pupils’ studies where they have learned techniques to makes cosmetics, electronic gadgets and glass products. Recycling technologies (paper and metal) are also at the core of studies.

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For extra home based studies pupils are encouraged to use the web link-

For lesson support in many areas pupils may access educational animated simulations at the web-link.

Key stage 3 pupils should use the BBC Bitesize science web-site to have extra learning support

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