Please see the below quotes captured over the course of the year, during meetings and conversations with parents and carers.

“You have succeeded in making my child feel welcome and relaxed enough to be able to thrive and fulfil his potential. I will never forget it.”

“I have seen an improvement in his behaviour in school and out of school which is seen in his developing confidence and his ability to start regulating his emotions when he is feeling frustrated or angry.”

“My child has had a negative attitude towards school due to his previous experiences and exclusions but it has changed since being at Wandle Valley. He is allowed to be his own person in school and it is a relief that I am being contacted for positive reasons now.”

“My child loves school and is keen to come to school every day.”

“I am extremely happy with the progress he has made since joining Wandle Valley.”

“There has been a 100% improvement in his behaviour.”

“...his needs are being met at Wandle Valley and he is progressing academically as well as socially.”

“Communication is great across the school and I am in regular contact with the staff.”

“Wandle Valley is consistent and on the same page with what I am trying to achieve at home. It is good to see actions being implemented.”

“I wish there was a provision like this for me when I was younger.”
“My child feels safe in school which is something he has not felt in previous schools.”

“Wandle Valley communicates regularly with me which is great because I feel like I know what is going on in my child’s life in school. In addition to this, it is nice for me to hear from my child about his day as he is more enthusiastic about school.”

“...he is settled and happy which has not been the case in his previous school.”

“My child has completely changed since being at Wandle. He is happier and generally more relaxed.”

“From what he says to me, he is loving it. Not only that, he is much much calmer at home and the work we do at home is currently free from worries/wobbles/meltdowns. I hope this will continue. So yes, very happy so far. Thank you so much for your efforts.”

Music Mark School for the 2020/21 Academic Year