In the document below, you can read about our provision and how we support those children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, and their families. Please select the following link to download the SEN report for Wandle Valley Academy 2019-2020

SEN Documents

2020-2021 The Year 7 Catch up Grant is no longer available

Wandle Valley Academy Year 7 Catch up Grant

Wandle Valley Academy received £1,500 for the Year 7 catch up funding in 2019-20.

This funding has predominantly been used to develop and new year 7 curriculum, which has involved two Transition Classes, working on the Primary Principle of teaching. We have employed two trained teachers, one Lead Transition Primary Practitioner.  

Classrooms have been fitted out to allow primary teaching styles to take place, including interactive boards and computers for the pupils to use.

The funding has also been used to support the continued development of Literacy Programme at Wandle Valley Academy, allowing us to purchase a number of books for our library that the year 7 pupils can access, alongside the continued 1:1 support that the programme provides for our pupils.

The positive impact of this funding can be seen by referring to the progress data on the website for Reading and Spelling.

Funding was used to support the below

  • Employment of additional teacher and LSA
  • Purchasing and instillation of an interactive White Board
  • Complete classroom refit including furniture (tables, chairs)
  • Purchasing of 5 computer terminals and the instillation

PE Curriculum

P.E is a vital part of our curriculum as regular exercise boosts self-confidence, mental concentration and encourages children to lead a healthy lifestyle. P.E. provides opportunities to compete in sport and other activities which build character and help to embed our core values of respect, honesty, resilience, empathy and determination.

Through Physical Education at Wandle Valley Academy, pupils will gain an understanding of health and fitness and develop a lifestyle embracing physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop self control, self discipline and the ability to make positive choices for behaviour, while developing self esteem, self awareness and respect for others.

At Wandle Valley Academy, all children partake in a minimum of 2 hours of Physical Education each week. These indoor and outdoor sessions focus on: games, invasion games, striking and fielding, net and wall games, outdoor and adventure, gymnastics and dance.

Classes may have additional lessons or enjoy further activities as part of our rich curriculum. These include activities such as horse riding, swimming, climbing and trampolining which take place at various venues and are led by trained instructors. The children thoroughly enjoy these additional opportunities.


At Wandle Valley Academy, we encourage leadership within PE and sport. Our Sports Champions work hard to promote sport and physical activity throughout our school.
Comments from the Sports Champions:

As Sports Champions, we support staff with preparing their P.E. lessons. We also set up various activities at break/lunch and encourage everyone to take part in the activities. Our big challenge is keeping the equipment tidy which we are making posters for.

Sports Champions

The PE and Sports Premium

The PE and sport premium - provided by The Education Funding Agency - is designed to help primary schools improve provision of physical education and sport activities they offer their pupils. At Wandle Valley Academy, we have given careful consideration to how this money should be spent to ensure we are improving the quality of the PE and sport that we already offer to the children.

Our main priority is to develop the delivery of our P.E curriculum and ensure that a progression of skills is evident across the school.

2017-18 Focus: Ensure that PE opportunities are utilised and sessions are suitably resourced.

The Primary PE Grant has supported with this by:

  • Buying resources to ensure that the PE curriculum can be successfully delivered.
  • Developing the fitness equipment to utilise throughout the school day.
  • Offering extra-curricular opportunities including horse riding and swimming.

2018-19 Focus: Enhance the extra-curricular opportunities and outdoor provision.

The Primary PE Grant has supported with this by:

  • Getting new playground resources so that meaningful activities can be set up at break.
  • Investing in CPD opportunities for staff.
  • Further developing the extra-curricular opportunities available.
  • Improving the outdoor provision which will evolve further over time to allow for a range of physical, explorative and competitive activities.

2020-21 Focus: Incorporate the extra-curricular opportunities and outdoor provision within the curriculum on offer. This was not fully achieved due to COVID19. 
The Primary PE Grant has supported with this by:

  • Providing out of school sessions for small groups to attend.
  • Investing in the outdoor provision which will evolve further over time and is utilised during a number of lessons including P.E. 
  • Playtimes are more positive with activities available to develop key skills.
  • Improving resources so that PE sessions and PE through the whole curriculum is effective.
  • Investing in effective learning and CPD opportunities. 

How will this be sustained in the future

  • Staff are trained regularly to ensure that they are up skilled and are able to deliver an effective PE curriculum by utilising the resources available.
  • Resources are reviewed and updated to meet the needs of the pupils and units of work for PE.
  • Any enrichment opportunities are substantial and sustained which allows the pupils to develop and apply skills over time. This also encourages pupils to take risks and set personal targets. 
  • Activities such as horse riding and swimming have clear outcomes and progress can be seen over time. This means that pupils are equipped with the skills needed to swim and horse ride to an appropriate standard.

Sports Premium

Covid 19 Catchup Premium

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