As you are aware, following the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic, and the UK Government's decision for the Summer 2021 Examination Series to not go ahead, Teacher Assessment Grades (TAGs) were put in place:

When will I receive my grades and what happens next?

GCSE students will receive their results on Thursday 12 August 2021.  A letter has already been sent to all Year 11 pupils regarding collection of results.

Appeals Process

Although everyone will be working hard to make sure you are issued with the correct grades on results day, there will also be an appeals system as a safety net to fix any genuine errors that were not identified earlier on.

Stage 1: Centre Review
If you don’t think you have been issued with the correct grade, you can appeal to the school.

Stage 2: Appeal to the Exam Board
If you still don’t think you have the correct grade after the centre review is complete, you can ask the school to appeal to the Exam Board.


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