9 July 2020

Watch the Big Bang Digital trailer!

It’s just under a week till the #BigBangDigital website switches on its live stream and we broadcast to the classrooms, front rooms and kitchens across the land.

Whether they’re watching at school or at home, we think all young people (11+) can find something interesting and inspiring in the line-up. It’s going to be an uplifting day of short, inspiring sessions looking at all aspects of STEM in a pandemic.

The day starts with a panel of NHS frontline staff and ends with Gastronaut Stefan Gates leading an explosive, rainbow-inspired tribute to key workers with experiments to try at home.

In between we have a packed programme bursting with inspiring stories, featuring incredible people (including a Nobel Prize winner) and celebrating the amazing work of scientists and engineers in the pandemic.

Young people can ask questions in live Q&A sessions, add their voice to online polls and complete activities throughout the day.

Check out the programme


Quick view line-up:

  • TV & Radio Science Presenter, Podcaster & YouTuber Greg Foot will be hosting live
  • Meet NHS frontline staff, join the race to find a vaccine and ask the experts your coronavirus questions.
  • Hear from people designing PPE, ventilators and a social distancing lanyard
  • Find out how the NHS Nightingale hospitals were built so quickly
  • Meet the teams keeping things moving, water in the taps and food in the shops
  • Explore lockdown cyber security and staying safe online
  • Find out how cutting edge agritech makes social distancing possible on farms
  • Look at the environmental impact of staying at home
  • Pay tribute to key workers with a rainbow science show with Gastronaut Stefan Gates

There are no tickets to buy, no places to reserve and it’s completely free. To watch live on Tuesday 14 July, just go to www.digitalbigbang.co.uk from 10am to 4pm.

Please spread the word to help Big Bang Digital 2020 – science, engineering & Covid-19 inspire young people across the UK.